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Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat 22 inches x 71 inches


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Carbon Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Heating Mat
Note: size is actually longer than photo

Carbon heating element emits far infrared ray and negative ion.
Not applying normal electric heating wire which may occur fire.
1. 120V, 110W
2. Size : 22 inches x 71 inches Thickness : 0.6 inches
3. Layer : non-slip pad / padding / carbon heating element / padding / microfiber fabric 4. Color : Burgundy / Gray
5. Origin : South Korea
6. EMF certified

1. Easily folding => Easy to store
2. Water washable
3. Soft touch by microfiber fabric and padding
4. Light weight compared to other FIR mats
5. Applications: spa / wellness center / aesthetic / chiropractor / hospital / healthcare /
on sofa / at home

FIR Effect
1. Remove toxins from body
2. Relieve muscle and joint pain
3. Ease joint stiffness
4. Boost immune system
5. Increase blood flow
6. Lose weight / Improve skin texture / Reduce stress and fatigue

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We’re introducing a better, more powerful Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat.

Far Infrared Healing Heat Mats fit perfectly on a massage table, on a bed, sofa, or even on the floor. Composed of multiple layers of biotech materials, our Far Infrared Mats produce far infrared rays that penetrate deep into tissues and organs to trigger the body’s self-healing process. Research shows using infrared energy is gentle on the body yet boasts powerful detoxifying, fat burning, immune system support, and deep relaxation. Our Far Infrared Healing Heat Mats produce healing negative ions that absorb into the body. Negative ions help combat destructive free radicals in the body to promote better overall health and wellness.

Use the Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat alone to treat muscle aches, joint pants, promote a stronger immune system, induce relaxation, boost circulation, and help prevent common colds or viruses with regular use. The Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat isn’t hard or stiff like other brands. Our lightweight, convenient mat is easy to use and store. Experience comfort, versatility, and total relaxation, even on harder surfaces, or use the mat while relaxing in front of the TV or lying on a bed. For an even more potent combination, the Far Infrared Mat is the perfect complement to the Healing Heat Sauna Dome.

Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat + Healing Heat Sauna Dome

Using the Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat and the Healing Heat Sauna Dome simultaneously produces the most powerful Far Infrared Sauna available on the market. The Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat produces heat from the bottom of the body, while the Healing Heat Sauna Dome produces heat from the top. The combination of both heat sources delivers the optimal sauna experience. Get the best in Far Infrared technology from the top and the bottom, just a few inches away from your body. Plus, when you’re lying down, you’re allowing your body to enter into a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to receive all of the benefits better.

Using both the Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat & Healing Heat Sauna Dome helps burn more calories, flush out toxins, build the immune system, burn fat, and deeply relax the mind, muscles, and joints.

How To Use:

The combination of both products creates the ultimate at-home sauna experience. Raising core body temperature while comfortably laying down is the best way to utilize the technology. To make the mat as comfortable as possible while laying down on the floor, we recommend the following:

Place a thick yoga mat on the floor, followed by a thin yoga mat on top, followed by a futon mattress and the Far Infrared Healing Heat Mat. Use our waterproof cover, two regular-sized towels, then the Healing Heat Sauna Dome. Follow with a 12-pound weighted blanket draped over the Healing Heat Sauna Dome. The mat fits perfectly with Healing Heat Sauna Dome, and the extra layers of padding help promote more intense feelings of deep relaxation and comfort.

Following this method will create the ultimate healing experience. The Far Infrared Sauna raises the core body temperature to promote circulation, weight loss, and immune system support.

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